Firearms Chat Podcast 2/20/20 Guest Frank Tait


Special Guest Tonight! Frank Tait

We will discuss what has happened to the NRA and how it needs to be fixed

FRANK Welcome! first off, how long have you been shooting and what do you like shooting the most?

Tell us how long have you been an NRA Member? A STATE REP? 

I saw that Rob from PDN is supporting you. do you feel you are a “save he second” candidate in regards to this board election?

A lot of Board members have been stripped of their committees, and they resigned (5 that i know of) what are your thoughts?

Have you been in contact with other candidates? other current Board members?

I was very saddened that Col.North is no longer there. I worked for him in El Salvador as a very Young Grade 2 Army Warrant Officer in 1981. I always thought he was a decent man and got screwed by the system. Is Lt. Col and former Congressman Allen West still on the Board? I have 2 friends who served under him in Iraq. Do you believe men like these can help fix the problems and if not, why?

Please tell our listeners why they should still join when other groups for 2A rights exist?

Do you feel people should join more then one group?

I’m not sure how much you know about what is going on in other states outside PA where you live, but our Governor who was Just on TV with POTUS last night here In AZ(Rally in Phoenix) is supporting Red Flag which he now calls STOP because he added a false reporting penalty to the measure and has gotten NRA approval. Those of us in the AZ 2A Sanctuary movement disagree, It is still an overreach of the constitution! your thoughts? 

I had seen you post about Talking to people about your goals at SHOT(couldn’t make it again this year) and at the Outdoor show in PA. Tell us what you told people?

Frank any Final Thoughts? Thanks for your time tonight!

Moving to our news segment:

NRA is charged by NYS with offering insurance to Gun owners without a license to sell….

(5 mins)

According to a Democrat in VA activism counts! 4 dems helped nix the Assault weapons and Mag bans!

Leftist protester dressed in 17/1800’s garb wants AK-47 to mow down 2a Rights activists!(video)

Last night at the Dems lefty debate Biden said in his closing statement that Kids Hide under desks and run evasively in Halways because “Guns” Bloomy will force confiscation of all firearms not used for Hunting!!

Bloomy’s gun death figures for kids nearly doubled by adding 18-20 year olds whom are probably Gang Bangers!

Industry News:

Stoeger’s new P3000 pump with Folding stock! affordable and sturdy! now if they would only make a Pump/Semi like Benelli! 

Kriss now selling 40 rd Glock Mags.

Blackwater now makes Ammo, Knives, and suppressors. they have a “Contractor” Grade 124 gr. “Monolithic” copper expanding Hollow Point round…..

Mossberg had 2 new releases at SHOT: The MC Pistol and the NEW Upgraded 940JM Pro which was 2 Years in the making. 

Plus folks got to finally Touch Kel-Tec’s P17, and the G44 from Glock both good 22LR trainers. 

As I said on the last show two weeks ago, everyone is Drooling over the Re-Release of the Colt Python! With less then 2500 current in circulation I must be one of the lucky ones because after 636 rounds out of mine, I’ve had only one light primer strike! 

LUGAO ARMS released its Alien 9MM double stack pistol which approaches operation totally different.(discuss-2-3 minutes)Its a Gas Piston gun imported by Lancer systems,its perfect for IDPA or USPSA, but at 5K its not cheap.

 SIG SAUER released the Cross Rifle…run big at Just under 1800 Msrp. 

ALSO ON THE .22 front, Volquartsen has released an new Match grade Ultralight with a special Modshock stock and their famous 2.25 lb trigger pull from the factory!

More firearms were purchased this year then in any 25 years Prior! Yet state Gov’s. want tom use “Red Flag are political threats!(NEW EDTORIAL commentary at the end of the show!)

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