Firearms Chat Podcast 2/6/2020 Guest: Brian Hill


Guest: the return of Brain Hill of the Complete Combatant!

Brian discusses what he’s been up to since we had his about a year an a half ago., plus we put a cap on the RICHMOND RALLY as well as….

Since the Rally a liberal Democrat was pulled over and failed a sobriety test! gets off with a warning!

Bloomy had a Super Bowl Ad focusing on Gun control!(of course)

NY trying to pass (a) law that any and every Gun owner must have a “mental EVALUATION(WTF??)

SHOT SHOW: It seems the 1911 will never die! nearly 40 Companies displayed 1911 Framed Guns, or the wider grip 2011’s 

My sources tell me the COLT BOOTH was packed! between their 3 new re-released double action wheel guns and their 1911’s no one can get enough!

New Releases in Firearms:  

Kriss now has the Vector chambered in 22LR!

Kel Tek Unveiled the p17 in 22LR

WALTHER now has the CCP M2 in .380

PTR has new 16 inch versions of the HK91/G3 line 

Cimmaron now has a “No Moon Clip” 10mm Single Actiom culled “The BAD Boy”

Our friend Yehuda Remer was Quoted in Glock Magazine about the new G44 which also seems to be very big!

To compliment Ruger’s new 57, as well as the Current FN models that fire that caliber, FN released a new load for the 5.7X28. 

The #1 Pistol dot sight making Noise is SIG’s Romeo zero for the P365XL! my testing on this configuration is nearly done. Because Semi’s have a larger capacity this test is 1000 rounds not 500 like I would do with a revolver or sub compact semi…..

The folks who make the Best Trigger for AR’s now have a 1-6X28 AR scope!

this is just a fraction of the SHOT show coverage, we’ll have more and Guests in the weeks ahead. 

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