Firearms Chat Podcast 1/9/20


Special Guest: Lynne Finch -Author, Trainer, admin of the Facebook page “Take Back Virginia”

Lynne is “on the Ground” as a resident of Prince William County VA. and admins the Facebook Page ‘Take Back Virginia

Lynne first off You were among the first people I met in the 2A Community at SHOT show! Thanks for your support and for joining us tonight! 

So your County Board chair is doing some dirty dealing with regards to your most recent BD meeting so lets start with that. Where is PWC going from here? 

What is the Mood like at the Meetings? Is it mostly for 2A?

What is your relationship with VDCL?

Looking at the 2A map from another source, 87 of the 95 counties have voted to support the 2A, and i’ll get to my play on words later,…tell us about the counties cities and towns that are against it?

Can your Gov. NORTHAM  actually have the National Guard actually arrest Citizens and take possessions? That is like the Revolutionary War all over agin!

I noticed the home county of NRA HQ is against? Is that because of its proximity to D.C.?

So How much of this is Bloomberg buying his way in like he’s trying to do in other states?

Your state Rep Dan Helmer has some nerve using the #never Again 

Today a according to AWR Hawkins at Breitbart, Va Delegate Mark Levine introduced a MAGAZINE CAPCITY BILL(again) how dome tell him we won comply if they are going to make Felony arrests?

Moving a bit more towards your expertise as an Author/Trainer, esp. with the ladies, have a lot of fellow female Virginians that know you approached or contacted you regarding who to write/what to do about this, which is the real constitutional crisis if you ask me!

Giving you a chance to wrap up, anything you want people to know, links to share?

Lynne thanks so much! Please help me keep our listeners posted and when i edit the show ill post it on your page!

Moving into our news Segment:

You think a 7 or 10 rd mag limit is severe? Hawaii considering a 5 round mag limit!(

Feds charge a Prohibited possessor with owning 199 Guns! (The State)

Man in Oregon fires warning shot, Thief returns fire

A report at WOSU(Ohio St Univ. radio) SAYS many are not happy with DeWine’s Red flag, and would prefer “Pink Slip” Bill….me personally i prefer Garters on a woman!

David Codrea feels that the lawsuits via citizens vs the industry have just begun…

Another AWR Hawkins article from Yesterday (Also Brietbart) reports that Rabbi Harev Chaim feels that while he isn’t in favor of armed Guards at Temples, Jews can carry firearms to service if its to protect life.How Democratic of him.

Stockton Ca Police Chief on Gun violence “Its the Gangs”( Stupid!) in 2012 they had 373 officers today it’s 470 and they are on the way to 508 Officers!

Walmart Employee takes Gun away from customer!

Americans bought nearly 14 million firearms in 2019!! record year for NICS checks!

Industry News:

Vortex has a New Razor scope the Gen III 1-10X LVPO!

High speed Gear releases new IFAK and New COMMS TACO kits

Ohio Outdoor Life festival tickets on sale for 3/20-22 rockets at

the two biggest Secret Gun Drops of 2019? the Ruger 57 and the re-relese of the Colt Python!

Speer’s new Gold Dot Offerings!

You can now legally build your own Supressor as lon g as you still buy a stamp!

Ruger’s Gen II PC Carbine Flying off the Shelves -at $300 More then the Gen I

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