Firearms Chat Podcast 1/2/20


Its a new Year and the SNAKE is BACK! the COLT Python has returned for 2020!

There is a video that Bloomberg made after Sunday where he says “Only Cops should have Guns” so will he disarm his Bodyguards”no they were Cops prior to working for me so they could have guns!”Phony azzhole”!

Law that saved lives at White Settlement shooting doesn’t sit will with the Head Mommy Shannon W. her and her ILK LOBBIED AGAINGST the law,…does she Google her own Press clips?

ACCORDING to Task & Purpose and, Marine MP’S May now Carry personal Concealed weapons on base as long as they meet the requirements of section 962B of the LEOSA Law! One Gunnery Sgt who is part of the Individual Personal Weapons Project is cleared to carry His own S&W M&P Gen 2 Compact.

MagLULA suing Amazon over counterfeit products!(Pete from TFB)

According to Kentucky Rep Tom Massie” the 2a Sanctuary movement in KY is strong!he says Sheriffs may go to jail to try and protect the 2A

Alabama State Rep to prepare Bill for Use of Force in Churches “we want the same law as Texas!”

In VA everything firearms and accessories are flying off the shelves!

Nevada Universal Background check law took effect Midnight January 1

Florida Gun Bills would turn state into unfriendly place for Gun owners…

Ill(the state not his health) Man stops car jacking with sidearm!

Industry news 

RUGER STRIKES AGAIN!! meet the Ruger 57, a 20 Rd capacity 5.7X28 caliber pistol for half the $$ of an FN…

COLT RELEASES THE FIRST PYTHON SINCE 1995!! MSRP $1199 for a 4-1/4” Stainless and $1499 for a 6” Stainless no word on Blued models yet. redesigned with12 less in herbal parts while externals are the same! Colt only destroyed the machines that did i intervals! If its as good as the KING Cobra Target you may see me selling g Newspapers on the corner to save up for a new Python! i already have a wed Am appt with a COLT REP!

PSA now selling M&P 15-22 mags for $20!

Federal Force X2 shotgun Ammo, Buckshot that splits in half!!!

Brownells sale 1000 Rds of 45ACP 230 Gr Ball for $260

Gun  shops see uptic in sales to House of worship personnel, see largest sales in 9MM 1911’s, Glocks, and Ruger 9MM handguns.

Snap Safe leaves you no excuse for not having a Gunsafe!

What is the Best way to Carry ON Body? Off Body?

Emails from Danny R, Jim “hot Rod” L, Mike D From VA, Ronnie D, and Laurie A, Efraim K

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