Firearms Chat Podcast 12/12/19


Special Guest-The Honorable Hunter – Micheal Sabbeth

Note * UnEdited 3 hrs.*

After the Guest

So moving into our news stories the last few weeks, we have had a few shootings again, the commies are getting restless!

Saturday we had an attack at NAS PENSACOLA, AND TUESDAY in Jersey City NJ just across the river from NYC…and yesterday an attempt at Nas Corpus Christi….

The new 2A political rage in Sanctuary Status for Gun rights! Today The Gov of VA stated that if Sheriff’s don’t enforce Gun confiscations he will activate the VA. NG to enforce the law! 

Mel Dixon at The NRA website says that NICS Broke again during Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sales for Firearms Purchasers…

Well (sch)Glock introduced a 22LR Pistol the G44 this week, as well as a new 10MM in the works the G49,…and hopes to get the G46 Rotating BBL design 9MM in time for SHOT show. MSRP $439…..Too High??

$90 buys you 300 1-3/4” 12GA Shortshell’s! These work great in Just about any Pump or Semi-Auto 12Ga! Im testing them in my Versa Max and my Catamount Fury II 

TRADING: my Kimber TLE II that I Won as part of a contest with Two Holsters and 4 Mags for $400 and a Desert Eagle .357 in Desert Tan with 5 9rd & 2 11 Rd ext Mags!

More shooting this week with The Colt King Cobra Target and the SIG P365XL & trying the shortshels in the Remington V3 Tac 12…..

Last Trivia ? for a while: since we recently celebrated JMB’s passing and his Birthdate is approaching, What is is First self load  shotgun Patent? 

EmaI FROM: Richie, Dave, Ellen, Louie, and Damian and thanks from Kevin Makel for the kind words about the Podcast…..

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