Firearms Chat Podcasst 11/21/19


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 Firearms Chat Podcast 11/21/19 

                                                                              The Pre-Turkey Edition!

Reads-Promote TV show!

RIP warrior: My friend and former 75th Ranger and Delta Sniper Sgt.Major(ret.) James “JP” McMahon passed this week from  and undisclosed health issue. He was 64. and was involved in Operation Gothic Serpent in Somalia in 1993

Also RIP Detroit PD 16 year Vet Rasheen McClain Killed in The Line of duty yesterday.

Teen confronts thieves who stole his car, stabs one with a screwdriver in self defense!

When the exec Dir of the NRA gets an 18% raise for creating Carry Guard, and took home $920K in salary and compensation, that right there is the issue!

According to the Blaze, Utah county (Salt Lake area) has an 18 weeK wait for FASTER classes(course is 6 week)

In Bearing arms, Cam Edwards Writes about the city of Baltimore wanting to sue Gun Makers over Gang Violence

Mo.Judge who is former Dem State rep Upholds ban on firearms on Campus of U of Mo.

Ohio man shoots intruder while on phone with 911

Dem Il. rep says CONUS and Scotus mean nothing, will vote to confiscate firearms 

Deputy Constable Fired within 2 hours for harrassment customers leaving Nordstrom rack in Indy

6 Va Counties Vote to become 2A sanctuaries 

Seattle man legally armed holds suspect at gunpoint for killing His GF with Knife(stabbed 6 times) at Seattle Armory near space needle. 

Claude Werner has an new edition(updated) on practice/training at indoor ranges

Thanks to the folks at Marlin for the 20” stainless Lever gun (threaded stainless wide loop) for the T&E Gun (it just came!) 

SIG introduces American Made P210 & P225 pistols!

Everyone in the Gun Mag Biz is writing up the Hellcat. I like the SIG P365 better, here’s why!

Testing the Ruger Security 9 Compact.

Testing the KIMBER Micro 9

TESTING THE COLT King Cobra Target

Are throwing Knives  a viable weapon?

Best Combat Knives Ever? the Gerber MK I & Mk II

Trivia Redux! 

Emails from Daniel, Gene, Harlan, Roflio, Bonnie, and Tim..

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