Firearms Chat Podcast 11/7/19 Rick Ector Guest


                                                                Firearms Chat Podcast 11/7/19

Tonights Guest; Detroit MI Firearms trainer RICK ECTOR firearms Instructor!(has trained over 500 Detroit Women to CCW, recently Made famous by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in a two part series last week!)

Rick first off thank you! This is your interview night since you just got off the m Friend Sgt Bill Frady’s show as well so thanks again.

First off tell us how you became an instructor and how you ”hung out your shingle” so to speak?

How many Years

Of the hundreds of ladies you have trained I’m sure many are already Victims of some sort. Without names, is their one story compelling that affirms what you are doing?

What are some of the more popular guns Women are carrying(my wife switches off between a Ruger wheelgun , and a cz 9MM copy but I also got her a Colt, Kimber, and Charter arms Stainless.)?

What Instructor classes have you taken? 

Has your Police chief James Craig interacted with you?

Do you know of any people who make the mistake of crossing into Canada with a loaded Firearm?

What Books have you read on Self Defense?

Do Husbands and BF’s accompany their ladies to the class and do you kick them out?

finally, Please Promote!

Thanks Rick!

After Rick:

Bloomy is lying again! 97% of DUI’s who have CCW permits do not go on to commit a “Gun crime”(H/T TTAG) 

 CNN says EVERYTOWN Emboldened buy VA win Tuesday!

Parents of Dead son who tried to Rob  a Pizza Hut wants Justice”why wasn’t it a GFZ?”files suit 2 years after incident!(H/T Bearing Arms 11/16/16 )

Bloomy to file for Alabama Primary

According to Ammoland, US Park police performed Helicopter surveillance on 2A Rally!

JoY on  the view: “don’t tell Americans your taking their guns until after your elected”

SEISMATIC Ammo releases 3 now self defense loads in is +M class, 185 Gr 9MM 225 Gr 45ACP and 2.5 oz 12 ga Slug out now!

CAA introduces Carbine stock for full Sized SIG P320 with or without Optic!

CMC introduces the CCT trigger

Texas Florida and Montana Most Guns sold per household in 2018

Bill Goes Hands on with the Charter Stainless 9MM Pitbull wheel gun

BILL GETS A NEW Henry AR 7 Survival Pack with take down 22 semi-auto rifle.

Whats your choice of all around d 22LR ammo?

Trivia and your Emails this week from Margie, Oren, Dale, “Peaches” and Richard!

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