Firearms Chat Podcast 10/24/19


TV show is a Go this coming Tuesday on Blackjack TV network 

Book review: Thank You for My service  By former Army Ranger MAT BEST(spelled with 1 T) Hardcover $28 or $25 on iBooks

 hardcore tale with lots of fun thrown in!(now i know what current Rangers mean when they say “ We Chubbed it”

The Term “Machine Gun “ could soon mean semi auto rifles in MAINE(DISCUSS)

From the Maine Examiner:

A bill proposed by Rep. Victoria Doudera (D – Camden) would redefine what a “machine gun” is under state law. The Maine Legislature has attempted, without success, to pass more than a dozen laws that would impact Maine gun owners since the new Democrat majority was ushered in alongside Governor Janet Mills.

Michael Moore says “the founding fathers could never  have imagined 100 round “MAGAZINE CLLIPS”

State of WA Atty General  fines USCCA $100K for selling “unlicenseable insurance” in the state of WA

This ACLU Position Shouldn’t Be Surprising, But It Is……(CA law AB 12 & AB61) 

Sevier County Tn. now a 2A sanctuary county!

NY Post reports Eagles DE Fletcher Cox scuffed off a suspected Burglar with his 12 Ga.

NYSR&P Pres wants Ghost Guns outlawed 

Which Rifle case is better for you Soft or Hard?

Your Emails and Trivia.

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