Firearms Chat News Round Up 9-25-19


Tv show on hold-details to follow

Firearmschat TV will start on October 1st

Robert Francis’ big quote Former Rep. O’Rourke has given gun owners their rally cry with his “HELL Yes” quote, but it seems the left keeps shooting each other in the foot!

Arizona Gun Shop sells out of sales Priced AR’S In under 4 Hours!! Alpha Dog Firearms on Baseline Road in Phoenix thought up the sale right after former rep. O’Rourke’s big quote. We attended the 34th annual GRPC or Gun Rights Policy Conference! This past weekend we went down to Phoenix and the SHERATON Hotel on Dunlap ave. as well as attending the AMM-Con which is the alternative Mass Media conference for 2A Podcasters! We got to hear some great speakers, nailed some swag, and may have a sponsor! e will be giving away some stuff! More details to follow.

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