Firearms Chat Podcast #303: 9/12/19


                            Firearms Chat Podcast 9/12./19

                                             CONGRESS is back, and CEO’S WANT GUNS BANNED!

Special Announcement!!! introducing Firearms CHAT TV!

145 Corporate CEO’s wrote the White house and congress asking them to ban AR-15’s and High cap magazines1(discuss)

Milano shows up to Debate Sen Cruz with two armed bodyguards and says “I have two guns in my home for self defense”

Publix now OC free-“Moms” are behind all of this…..

Gun Sakes surge 15% in the last 30 days…Hi Cap mag sales also up!

Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick  picks fight with NRA on opposing stronger background checks.

Gresham reports Colt not stopping AR sales to civilians. 

Oregons’ channel 21 news reports several counties in Colorado refuse to enforce ERPO’s, similar behavior by Oregon Sheriff’s 

Albertsons/Safeway now asking customers not to Open Carry in stores.

German citizens arming up!

“Nuke Em” Swalwell runs from NRA reporter when confronted.

Beto’s ideas on Gun control are Out of control

OST target stencils! 

Magpul D-60 AR15 drum on sale at Sportsmans  Guide for $92.49 while Sportsmans warehouse has AR10 Magpul Drum(50 rds) fir $99.95

CZ introduces the CZC Ao1-LD!

Cmmg introduces Banshee 10MM PCC and PCC Pistol! “ but is it as Durable as MY Hi-POint PCC!” asks Me!

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