Firearms Chat News Round up 9/10/19


I’ll talk more about tomorrow’s Anniversary but first, an announcement I just broke on several Facebook pages:

For the last few weeks we have been planning something special so here it is: Starting next week- IN Association with BlackJack TV, and ZINGO: FIREARMS CHAT TV! like our podcast it will be heavy on reviews, news, and your Emails. look for the first Episode to drop next week!

I wanted to talk a little about 9/11. Some of you may know that I grew up in NYC and worked at a HS in Lower Manhattan 18 years ago. I was 41, and out of the Army just over 10 years. I had just met my now wife. After that day I knew it would never be the same. But are we truly safer then we were at this time 18 years ago? DHS was created to make sure of that, but have they made us free from danger.

It’s still up to us patriots to secure our own safety, from houses of worship, schools, and traveling from one side of the country to another. Think about where you were 18 years ago….?

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