Firearms Chat Podcast #302: 9/5/19


Special Guest Eugene Griffin[ Founder of the Facebook page-Whammy

Eugene Griffin-Founder of Facebook Page-Whammy!

So Walmart strikes Again!-bans sale of Handgun and .223/5.56 and .308/762×39 and 7.62x51ammo

(Discuss) AS well they have asked for customers to no longer open carry in stores-CEO Macmillion is a FUDD “ I believe in the 2A BUT…..

Bargain Hunters Pounce! I bought 500 rds of Federal 115 Gr. and 100 rounds of Federal HST

What we know about the Odessa/Midland TX Shooting

SanFrancisco labels NRA Terror group-NRA Hits Back with Scathing rebuke

HORNADY-“As long as there is a Hornady at Hornady, we will never sell Walmart direct. They don’t support our industry.” – Jason Hornady, 2007

Hornady stopped doing business with the world’s largest retailer over 12 years ago.

MSNBC Contributor: Shooters Killing people with Guns that Shoot “Thousands of Rounds per clip and High capacity Ammunition” advocates for killing NRA  BOARD MEMBERS

Meanwhile Fox’s Rivera: “anyone with an AR-15 has a Small Penis”

Washington Post Shames Mitch McConnel with full Page Anti Gun Op-Ed

Coulter in Breitbart article: we dont trust the Govt now nor did we in 1776

Could renewing your NRA membership put you on a “red Flag” list?

Owners of RUGER selling 2 luxury NH estates

SIG announces new Contract for 6.8MM Ammo & Rifle, Machine Gun 

AZ Gov. wants a red flag law too!

IWI Introduces new Piston Driven AR & Masada Pistol

Remington sells 870’s at discount price= were supposed to go to US MARINES 

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