Firearms Chat News Round up 9/3/2019


Reports gathered by Dr Bill CHACHKES- Producer/lead host Firearms Chat Podcast

It’s September, and so the news rolls on. The attack on our 2nd amendment rights is never relenting. Since we had the shootings in El Paso, Dayton, and now the incident in Midland/Odessa on Saturday, the liberal left and their lackey mainstream media continue to attack our rights.

I will not say the name of the shooter in Texas from Saturday’s incident, but he was fired from his job that morning, so he took it out on the world. He had recently failed a 4473 background check, but he used one of the Guns he already had to rampage. One of the People whose life he took was a Military veteran who was driving a Mail carrier truck.

Meanwhile Texas eased restrictions on Gun rights which took effect Sunday the 1st which include carrying in a House of Worship Unless the Pastor says Otherwise! That is a major step in the right direction after the massacre at the church in Texas two years ago. Yet overall, the nation is shifting in its beliefs towards Firearms owners to the negative. So far, the Gun lobby has been mostly silent in defense of us Gun Owners.

There is a push in My adopted home state of Arizona to get Houses of worship armed and protected. To that end I will be taking an active shooter response class in October. Just one time, I want to see a good guy with a Gun stop a Bad guy with a Gun. I know it happens quite often, but of course, the Liberal controlled media will speak nothing of it. All they talk about is taking so called “Weapons of War” away from law abiding citizens.

SIG SAUER has won a second US Army Contract! This one fr the new 6.8MM ammo, and are in the “Downselect contract process” for the round, and other items including the new Squad automatic weapons, and Suppressors. Quoting CEO Ron Cohen,”the New 6.8MM round is designed for greater distance and greater penetration at the longer distances.

It seems if you are an LEO and not on Duty, you can’t carry your sidearm to a football game. In years past this was never an issue. My Dad and his boys always checked in with the Jersey state troopers that they were feds, and as such, must carry at least an off duty weapon 24/7/365…..

Today the CEO of Walmart, who’s name I won’t mention either, has decided to stop the sale of Handgun, and .223/5.56 Ammo in response to the mass shooting events. Have they stopped selling Beer to those with drinking problems? I have a great deal of issues with this, since people like me who are now living in a rural/sub-rural area have to depend on wally no matter if we like it or not. So don’t be surprised if the mail order ammo sellers don’t raise their prices.


Update: while our government plans to take our rights away, 7 more were killed and 34 were wounded over the labor day weekend due to Gang violence!

I say it every week at the end of our Podcast”Support your NRA, FPC, GOA And SAF! These Organizations need our support. Its up to us to fight fir our rights!

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