Firearms Chat Podcast #301 8-22-19


   FirearmsChat Podcast Agenda  8-22-19

Can your state Law supersede a Federal Law?

Florida AG commissioner  Nikki Freed possesses both a State Medical Pot card and a Florida CCW license! (Discuss) Could she be Busted by the ATF? Quite Possibly!

President Trump takes Universal Background Checks off the table.

Northwell CEO Mike Dowling is continuing his push to rally his peers in the Health industry to rally to pressure Medical Doctors to be against Firearms ownership.

Arizona Sun Times reports Mark Kelly has a 5 point lead in their Senate poll(OMG)

Michigan Court of Appeals has reversed the case of a Gun owner wrongly charged with assault.

MSNBC Host Chris Matthews praises California as “taking the Lead in Gun Safety” but dissent they just have a mass shooting ?

Reporter Tries to Buy a Gun at Walmart told to come back in 48 hrs.  Didn’t pass background check!

More NRA Directors Resign!

Ed Head  did a review for Shooting Illustrated on the Cz Bren 2Ms Comes in both 5.56 and 7.62X39

Hush Puppy Project S&W M&P 2.0 .9MM pistol!

Kel Tec Introduces CP 33 .22LR competition pistol! 33 rounds in each magazine!(Discuss)

Swamp Fox Optics to add Circle Dot and Green Illumination to Optics line up

Colt Introduces 3rd Double action revolver! The King Cobra Target! 4-1/4” Barrel and target sights!

Does Ruger have the Market on less expensive Guns? Sales are up!Wrangler and Bearcat outsell all others in SA .22 Line

Vortex Sparc II on Sale via Internet at Brownells.

Update: PSA Ammo Deal $169 for 1000 rounds of CC I Speer 115 Gr 9mm Ball

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