Firearms Chat News Roundup 8-20-19-POTUS says no NEW background checks after talk with NRA


Today it was announced on FOX NEWS and other outlets that The President will not be supporting new background checks at this time. some had said he was never really in favor of any additional regulations but wanted to draw political attention to the subject. he was quoted by CNN as saying “We do have a lot of background checks now”

Three more NRA board members stepped away this week, including the former 1st Vice President Richard Childress, a former NASCAR Driver and current team owner. he was one of the few people known to be siding with former president Lt. Col. Oliver North(ret.).

Rep. Peter King(R- NY) who represented the district I used to live in, is the first member of the GOP to sign on to the New Assault Weapons ban. You here that LONG ISLAND? Time to vote this RINO OUT! His self importance has gone on far too long.

Officer Chris Kelley-a 20 year LEO vet who has worked his whole career in the Minneapolis Police Department, has decided to Run for Congress to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar! A pic and Blurb on the Firearms Chat Facebook page says “Make it go Viral!” Couldn’t happen too soon!

According to The Hill’s Tal Axelrod, Robert Francis O’Rourke, one of the 23 Democrat Presidential candidates, visited a gun show in order to speak to firearm retailers and owners about solutions to mass shootings. I wonder if he was listening? If he had his was R-15’s would be banned.

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