FirearmsChatPodcast #300!


         Firearmschat Podcast 8-8-19

Our 300th Show

Sunday was a Difficult Day! Tonight we again discuss mass shootings and how to counter them!

I had hoped we’d have happier things to talk about on our 300th show but this is where we are at!

Our Guests tonight are Founder of the Self Defense Radio Network and of the Polite Society Podcast, PAUL LATHROP! Also Joining us is the Co-Host of Another SDRN show, EYE on The TARGET RADIO’s  AMANDA SUFFECOOL!

Time and time again the Liberal Left attacks Firearms owners no mater who, Be it the MEDIA(MAINSTEAM) or Political figures trying to fundraise off of the backs of the Murdered!

For consideration: Does Less Gun Free Zones Meanless attempted Shootings?

A) if more people(even in states with reasonable Gun Rights) Carried Concealed wound this Happen as often or at all

B) Could the stalled National RECIPROCITY BILL HAVE Helped? 


Since its Our 300th I’d like to answer a few More Emails then We usually do, But:

Several Companies are producing replacement parts for the Ruger 9mm Carbine(short discuss) I hope to have one  y the end of the year. it works for me  because i have a lot of Ruger SR9 Magazines in 17’s that have been extended plus 3-35 rounders with 2 more on Order. 

A friend who also happened to be shooting at our indooir range while was there a few weekends ago  had a .357 level gun blow up on him!on exam nation of the  Brass the RSO’s determines ed it was loaded too Hot

POTUS WARNED Over expanded Background checks and ERPO’s(several sources)

Fiream Sales Surging again after a few slow months. Mostly according To NICS for FIRST TIME Pistol purchasers 

Extended Email and feedback!

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