8/4/2019-This is a difficult Day(posted 8/8/2019)



   Sadly This is a difficult Day-

(So Difficult that it took me 3 days to finish this short post!)

We had a saying in the military: the only easy day was Yesterday!

Any time our society wants to place blame on something, the loudest voice always has a leg up on common sense. 3 mass shooters in barely an 8 day span. The California garlic festival shooting came last Sunday. That was just determination. But OHIO and TEXAS are 2 Pro 2A states, and one shooter wore Body Armor!

The Anti’s voices are getting louder when they should have some common sense. There is that phrase again! Common Sense: Anti rights people don’t have common sense. They will keep telling us we don’t need our Guns then events like these keep those that think like we do on our toes. Will we loose the right to Self Defense?

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who lost his right eye in combat, now wants to pass the TAPS act. Which means the police can ban someone from observing and defending as well as using that right effectively for the remainder of their natural life. Someone I know on Facebook said of this: they all fold under pressure, even the best of the best.

Even conservative TV hosts I respect don’t have the information right! You can not Buy a Gun except from a friend or relative without a background check! It’s called a 4473 form! Please TV hosts on FOX News, get it right!

“ No one is ever satisfied with any  SCOTUS ruling on any Law” –Alan Gura-SAF-Gun Rigts Policy Conference 2014

And its never more true then with the second amendment!

Dr-Bill Chachkes

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