Why the other Side (Democrats of the Left wing ilk) HATE US WITH A PASSION!


This article has been rolling around in my head for months(if not years!)

When I lived in New York, I had to keep my beliefs in the CONUS and the 2A a secret! Because I worked in the Education field(both at the HS and College level) if I talked about Guns too much or left a copy of a Gun Magazine on my desk at school I would get a “talking to” by the Principal or Asst. Principal about “giving the students the wrong idea or” a stern look from the Dean of my department, even though at the College level I was teaching ROTC Military and Military Aviation History!

It didn’t matter that I had Permit in NY under HB218, which gave LEO’s and certain Military vets the right to carry in all 50 states, or the fact that I had a NY State Private investigators license(until 2015-even though I relocated to Arizona in 2012) or had been a sworn Aux. Deputy in a jurisdiction local to where I lived….

I never understood peoples hatred of the though of handling a firearm. True, I come from a family of Jewish Cops and soldiers, in fact I mentioned to a family friend how the series of movies starring Charles Bronson(who was a child of Russian Jews) and Joe Penny “a Family of Cops I,II,&III could have been about my family if it was set in NY instead of Wisconsin.

I’ve been shooting since before I turned 7. The first Gun Dad let me shoot was his Colt Detective Special, hand over hand, later came the .22’s. As I got older, it was larger guns. I began competing at 12, and left the Boy scouts at 13 to spend more time shooting. As a teen I went through difficult times. A crime wave hit the NYC area in the 1970’s. One of my Uncles had been on the NYPD stake out squad, and had been moved over to the Major Case Squad. Times were changing just like the song said!

Just like in the 1960’s and the 1970’s, times are changing again. This time, we firearms owners are being made out to be the enemy. Why you ask? You need look no further then NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s lawsuit against the NRA to find the answer. when Andrew’s Dad Mario was the NY State Gov. he once remarked ” I’d ban all Guns from NY if it weren’t for the NRA and NYSRP!” so just like Bush Jr, Invading IRAQ in 2003 was because Saddam made Bush Sr. look bad, “Dandy Andy” is after the NRA because Daddy couldn’t ban Guns in NY! Do any of these Idiots Read the Constitution?

Sadly I had to abandon NY in 2012, but there are plenty of great people there continuing the fight. I will not abandon the fight over the 2A! As we said in the service “This we’ll Defend”! What will you Defend and when will you defend it?- Dr. Bill C.

Addendum Edit: I received Feedback from a few people regarding THIS POST. one was from Roger In Maine who stated” NY is DEAD! I went from NYC in the 1970’s to Upstate NY and then that got BAD so I split to Maine in 1994….were going to run out of empty spaces for sane people to Live! I still keep a 12Ga. at the Door, a 1911 on my nightstand, and a loaded AR-10 in my Safe! Semper Fi! Served 1965-1972 then NYSPPD 1974-1994

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