Firearms Chat Podcast 5-30-19-repost


Our May 30th show where we discussed:

Salesforce Bans it’s users from using its SW to sell firearms-Washington Post 5/29

Cottonwood hts. UT PD to wear Orange shirts to support” Moms Demand “ in June-Fox13 TV 5/29

NRA and Ackerman McQueen counter sue each other, AMQ severed ties with NRA TV leaving future in doubt-The Daily Beast

5/30(Ext Discussion)

Two different articles on the new  No Permit carry in TX after disasters: website for govt elected officials) talks about the bills’ passage hike Brietbart talks about The Houston’ PD Chief talks about how it will embolden Gang bangers.

5 Arizona Counties pass school safety laws. None choose to arm classroom personnel, all offer to Arm Principals and Asst. principals, 4 of the 5 choose to hire ret. LEO’s and Vets.- (Ext discussion) and would be Armed in clear view. (cotton wood and camp verde Journal (Local paper to me)

1,036  Migrants arrested at El Paso Border Patrol Checkpoint on Wednesday , Border Patrol out matched WASHINGTON Ex. 5/30

$49 Level 3 Soft plates (Edit-since this was posted we discovered these plaes ARE NOT NIJ CERTIFIED so we wont be promoting the link! Ed.)

Because OF WARMER weather people will  be carrying Pocket .380’s, 9MM’s and .38 revolvers so we can discuss Summer CCW:

Several new compact/ Pocket .380’s  4 are SCCY  CPX3, Redesigned Ruger LCP2, Kimber Micro .380, S&W Bodyguard .380

Auto Ordnance has 2 D-Day Comenorative Guns, The Tommy Gun and the M-1 Carbine with custom Wood Engraving

I will be talking a School & House of worship Safety refresher next Saturday (6/8)

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