Firearms chat Podcast 12-26-19


Special Guest- Candidate for Apache County Arizona Sheriff and owner of SW Shooting Authority, Cope Reynolds.

(Your segment can go from 30-60 minutes its up to the Gues)!

Cope thanks for taking the time with us tonight!

How long have you been in the Firearms business?

I know your doing your Radio show Turned Podcast for some time, how many years/episodes?

Tell us about you Anti-Potus 44 sign in your store front from 2012! (one of the first 2A news stories i saw here that made me want to switch from Football Podcasting to 2A/Self Defense podcasting!)

Lets talk defensive and counter offensive Guns for a short while. I know the CAG(formerly Delta) SF’s and the Rangers are using The G19 yet the 101st and my old outfit the 160th SOAR speak high praise for the M17’s and M18’s based off off the SIG P320 Modular system, and many Carried M9A2’s Purchased with their own dime until about 2015….and Army CID’s were still carrying SIG P228’s like Marine Aviators and MARSOC Marines when not crying the Colt 1911 CQB model…(BTW, my first cousin is deputy commander of Army SOCOM and refused a G19, so a SIG P320/M18 with his name on the Box found its way to him a few months back, he convinced me to get an M18 ahead of a 2022 as my 4th SIG…since he made it a gift after i told him about my new P365XL,the M18 is at my FFL as we speak)

Your favorite Defensive pistol? Defensive Rifle? Shotgun?

How do you advise first time handgun owners who come into SWSA? Especially seniors or folks with arthritis or carpal Tunnel/Neuropathy? 

Lets talk more about your show for a minute, how did you choose the title?

So in the remaining time we have left, lets discuss your run for Apache county Sheriff!

I’m about 2-2-1/2 counties away from you, your county starts somewhere off Rt 260/Rt 87, but I had to find your county seat on a Map. I’m involved with trying to Get 2A sanctuary status for Yavapai County. how would you feel about that status for Apache County?

Are you in favor of increasing the size of your department? More modern Equipment?

Since you have a firearms and preparedness background, would you integrate rescue and support efforts if a group like mine existed in Apache county? Will you Join one of the LEO associations In Arizona or Nationally? Do you Belong to any Firearms/self defense rights groups?

Please talk about your platform?

Finally, Please promote your Podcast and Blog Articles for Us? 

Thanks for joining us tonight Cope, maybe you can comeback before 

Moving into our news Segment:

More attacks on Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx just Yesterday evening as Jewish children were leaving a Chanukah Party in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. the Parents of 2 siblings at the Party are Both NYPD and stopped the attack as it begun, saving many kids lives! why is this not reported by any News outlet except the NY Post? (owned  by the same family that owns FOX news!) because it doesn’t fit the Left Liberal Narrative!(discuss -6=10 mins)

A Gun You TUBER SPOKE WITH A OPERATIONS CENTER SGT at The VA NG who basically told them Gov Northam’s Orders are Third in priority to the CONUS and VA Con laws!! And they state they are already conflicted as the State senator who shot off his mouth did so without proper briefing on the Use of NG troops versus the Posse Comatatus act! (discuss 5~6 Minutes)

According to our friend Dave Workman Of SAF and CCRKBA writing g at his Website Liberty Park Press on the 20th, he states an Everytown Official states that”the Sanctuary 2A movement” could “short Circuit the Process!” (discuss 5-6)

We now have positive proof that Soros is behind the Bloomberg campaign. As Jews, they should both be ashamed of themselves. I am a Jew who is ashamed that they are JEWS!!

Another Dave workman PENNED ARTICLE states that If trump is Impeached by trial in the Senate, Gun owners won’t forget in 2020!!

Child Gun deaths Mostly Gang Bangers shooting at each other!

Should 2A supporters address Mass shootings?

IN Industry news:

Brownells Introduces a new Modern AR line benefitting SpOps Wounded Warriors! they taped a Yellow AR MAG to a Pic frame on a wall, and they are selling for $1200, they say the Actual Guns will be less then that and will be in the channel the second half of 2020!

Nighthawk intros new Custom 70 series 1911

More SIG news, the new P320 XCompact!(Cap 15 rd mags+1 2 Steel mags supplied!)

SCCY intros 380 with a RED DOT!

Taurus give 37 T4 Ar15s to LEO’s Around their new Georgia Plant!

Emails and What we got for the Holidays and what you can get yourself on sale now!t

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