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Special Guest Tracy Thronberg: Firearms Trainer and Podcast Panelist on The Polite Society Podcast!she is also an Instructor for Massad Ayoob Group and an asst.Instructor at KR Training.She is certified in Deadly Force, Handgun Retention and Kubotan, she is an advance Rangemaster Instructor, graduate from U TEXAS AT AUSTIN, and Polite Society podcast panelist!

Tracy Thanks for visiting with us tonight!

We asked you to join us because we wanted your feelings on the 2A sanctuary movement being in Texas. Yesterday I addressed my county Bd of supervisors on voting our county in Northern Arizona the same status!If they pass it next month we’d be the second county in Arizona!

So you’ve had extensive training from MAS, my relationship with him goes back to when my Uncle was an NYPD stakeout Squad Det.and MAS Rode with him and came to the Gunshop he co-Owned in 1970! I still have my dog eared copy of “in the Gravest Extreme!” that My Uncle left me. You are an asst.instructor AT KR TRAINING, SO TELL US ABOUT KARL’S PROGRAM!

Your Based in Austin Tx, Known for being a bit more LIBERAL then the rest of the state, does that impact how you deal with folks that don’t believe in the Right to Self Defense?

You are one of several Co-Host Panelists on the Polite Society Podcast. I have appeared twice, and paul has been here 3 times, as well as Rob and John several times so I’m glad we got you on! how did that come about? 

Your thoughts on the Open carry Movement that began in Texas?

How nod you advise New lady shooters on what training they need and how to and what to purchase?

Your favorite EDC caliber and Gun and your Holy Grail Gun you want to own one day?

We have many friends in common in the 2A community and firearms industry, how do you feel about the many 2A rights groups that have come into being esp.Women’s Self Defense advocacy?

Tracy I read an article on the NRA website today about Gun control advocates in TX messing with actual Gun safety classes, care to comment?

I’m sure Greg has another question, but my last is please tell us your thought on off body carry?

Thanks again Tracy!

Moving ahead with our News Segment:

Instagram will start deleting Gun content next month.

Fed Ex driver shoots robber in Philly!

Conservative students “Swatted” with false reports by liberal students about Guns….

Rabbi and Krav Maga “Sensei” Gray Moskowitz, a former NYPD officer and a distant relative(a cousin of an Uncle By Marriage) is teaching a class in Williamsburg Brooklyn Monday night or Axe Throwing(from the NY Post!)

Our Last Minute Holiday Buying Guide!

WOLF to release Steelcased .300 BO ammo.

SIG releases their first Bolt gun in over 2 Decades, and surplus M17 & M18 Guns from the MHS trials now available in limited Quantity.

This week: More testing the Colt King Cobra Target & SIG P365XL and my upcoming interview with the Folks at Davidsons!

No Trivia tonight, more next month

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